To The End

Tafari Anthony

Dir. Kyle Marchen

The music video for “To The End” encapsulates the power of Tafari’s song in a minimalistic yet bold and lasting experience.

The screen is split, side by side, into two separate frames. In these frames we see Olympian Nikkita Holder prepare and take off as Tafari performs. Spliced into these motifs are portraits of individuals who exemplify strength in their own right.

This structure allowed us to showcase moments of love, rebellion, deflation, and perseverance, all while sticking to a stream of conscious style narrative.

The two frames juxtapose, harmonize, and maybe most importantly reflect - both moments and Tafari himself.

“I really wanted the visuals for this song to have a strong sense of empowerment and an attitude of “If you work hard you can achieve whatever you want.” Keeping that mentality alive can be very hard when life starts to get crazy, and sometimes we just need a little reminder. I was lucky enough to have Olympian Nikkita Holder star in the video… She’s one of my best friends so really she couldn’t say no! The amount of dedication and work involved in training for something like the Olympics made her story a perfect one to really bring out the message of the song.”

-Tafari Anthony